Treasure Hunt in association with Read 2 Review

Welcome to day 6 of the amazing Treasure Hunt in association with Read 2 Review. 
Today is my day! YAY! I apologise that it's a day late reasons for that can be found on the home page.

What you can win here:  - a copy of Dreams Come True - the first in the Equinox Series - in PDF.

This contest will run March 7th - April 8th.

To enter please leave a comment on this post letting me know if you have ever been caught in a love triangle and how did you sort it out?

I will also be donating a copy to the grand prize - the incredible full line up for that will be announced on April 8th only at Read 2 Review!

To enter the Grand Prize on the 8th April you will need to collect 39 letters hidden on the different sites through the tour.

The letter from me is: R

Now you have collected my letter and entered my mini giveaway please check out the following list and be sure to collect the other letters to be eligible for our mammoth grand prize packages - trust me you do not want to miss out on the packages!

  Read 2 Review - March 1st
Avery Olive - March 2nd
  Kid Lit Reviews - March 3rd
  Keith Rommel - March 4th
  Dina Rae - March 5th
  Harrie Brooks - March 6th
  Trisha Wilson – Author - March 7th
  Tween and Teen Books - March 8th
  Lex Valentine, Author - March 10th
  Empowered to Prosper - March 11th
  jessINK - March 12th
  Zenobia Renquist - March 13th
  Danielle Gavan - March 14th
  Philia Book Tours - March 15th
  Bone Dressing - March 16th
  Laura Braley - March 17th
  Brewing Passion - March 18th
  Lisa Bilbrey - March 19th
  Jen Wylie’s Blog - March 21st
  JK Coi - March 22nd
  Michele Richard - March 23rd
  Adventure Unleashed - March 24th
  Pandragon Dan - March 25th
  Elizabeth Lawrence - March 27th
  Sidney Bristol - March 29th
  Suzanne Rock, Author - March 30th
  Amber Skyze - March 31st
  My World - April 1st
  Paper Crane Books - April 4th
  Read 2 Review - April 8th

Good luck to everyone who enters and lets have some fun.


  1. Never been in a love triangle unless you count the turncoat dog who was mine until my husband came into the picture.

  2. I have never been in a love triangle myself but my good friend was and it did not turn out so well.

  3. I have never been in a love triangle and am grateful. Imagine it would be painfully difficult to sort out.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  4. Never been in a love triangle. Happy Easter! Thanks! :)